Pro-Tips For Gift Hunting at Disney Parks Stores

When trying to decide what to take home as a souvenir in Disney World, the choices can be a bit overwhelming. There are more than 200 Disney parks stores to choose from, with diverse options including clothes, bags, soap, knick knacks, stuffed animals, and other merchandise. To help you get a handle on these choices and shop smarter while on vacation, here are some tips:

Visit the World of Disney in Disney Springs for a one-stop shop. If you are gift hunting for various friends, nieces, nephews, and other loved ones, visit the World of Disney. This store carries nearly every item sold throughout Disney World. It is the largest seller of Disney products in the world, with 13 rooms of souvenirs. This way you only have to go to one place to find presents for everyone on your list.

Shop During Parades. Disney Parks shops are just as crowded as the busy walkways outside. To minimize your wait times and have the store (mostly) to yourself, we recommend visiting these stores during parade times. You can find the times for each parade in your park map.

Understand that sometimes it is better to buy gifts in person than online. Shopping online has gotten so easy that we often decide not to wait until we arrive in the parks at Disney to buy gifts. However, what you will find online is only a small fraction of what is available in stores, and the prices are typically the same.

The Orlando airport has two Disney gift shops. If you forgot about a gift for someone back home while at Disney parks stores, fear not! You can get a last-minute gift as you wait for your flight home at The Magic of Disney or Disney’s EarPort. You will find many of the most popular gifts such as mugs, pins, apparel, and magnets at these retailers.

Use Disney gift cards. If you want to avoid fumbling with your wallet, or keep yourself on a strict budget for souvenirs, try using a Disney gift card in stores. They can also be used while dining and taking tours. When visiting the water parks at Disney World, you can purchase  waterproof gift cards as well.

Whether you are buying gifts for yourself or others, it helps to shop smart when visiting Disney parks stores. To make the best use of your time on vacation, try out any combination of these shopping tips.

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