Top Tips To Help You Shop Disney Parks Smart

Disney World is one of the most beautiful, exciting places to travel for adults and children alike. For all of its magic and thrills, a trip to Disney World can be expensive! Whether this is your first time going to Disney, or you have visited many times before, there are important ways to shop Disney parks smarter, and on a budget. Try out these tips to have fun at the happiest place on Earth without breaking the bank:

  1. Buy your admission tickets online, rather than at the park. Always try to purchase tickets online via the resort website instead of waiting in line the day of. You will save at least $20 per ticket on multiple day passes. There are also various reputable third-party sellers that offer admission tickets at a reduced price.
  2. Purchase meals a la carte. Another way to save money when shopping Disney parks is to avoid combination packages offered by restaurants and cafes. These packages include a meal, drink, and chips/fries for a fixed price. Instead, order individual items and save money for the treats you will be craving later in the day.
  3. Travel using rideshare applications rather than renting a car. If you are staying in a hotel that is not associated with Disney World, use phone apps such as Lyft or Uber to travel to the park and anywhere else you need to go. You will save big bucks on the rental and parking fees.
  4. Skip souvenirs unless they are truly unique. This may be a tough one if you are traveling with children or shop-a-holics, but an important way to shop Disney parks smart is to forgo stuffed animals, Disney toys, and t-shirts that you can find in stores at home or online. Other retailers will likely offer better prices and deals on the same products.
  5. Order groceries to wherever you are staying. Everytime you avoid eating in the parks, you will save money. Instead of taking the time out of vacation to drag your family/friends grocery shopping, use a modern service such as Instacart or Amazon to order food and get it delivered to your hotel room.

You do not have to give up a lot in order to shop Disney parks smarter. Buy tickets ahead of time, avoid combination meals, use Lyft or Uber instead of renting a car, skip souvenirs, and order groceries. Simple changes can end up saving you hundred of dollars on your trip to Disney.

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