Unique Disney-Themed Gift Ideas for Your Child

Every child is unique, but one thing most of them have in common is a love for Disney. When a holiday comes up, many parents want to find the perfect gift. When they are babies, this is relatively easy: a Goofy stuffed animal or Mickey Mouse building blocks would have your child cheering. However, as they get older, you may be struggling to find a special present that will thrill your son or daughter. Here are some of our favorite gift ideas:

  1. Disney surprise box. When you explain to your child that they will receive a mystery box every month containing pins, stuffed animals, or snacks, you can expect screams of joy. You have the choice between three different packages depending on your budget, or the interests of your child.
  2. LEGO Disney castle set. If you child is a builder, but loves Disney above all else, check out LEGO’s Disney collections. They can build the classic Disney castle, the Millennium Falcon from Star Wars, various Disney princess castles, and more. There are also LEGO Junior sets for younger kids as well.
  3. Vinyl record Disney clock. For a one-of-a-kind gift like those offered in Disney surprise boxes, look on websites such as Etsy for Disney clocks crafted from used vinyl records. You can choose from online templates, or request a personalized design by contacting the artist.
  4. Castle bracelet/bangles. Many little girls start loving jewelry at a young age. If she also happens to be a collector, she might love the charm bracelets from retailers such as Alex and Ani. Once you buy the bracelet, she can collect Disney-themed charms.
  5. Classic Disney postcards. Disney surprise boxes offer monthly mysteries, but with a pack of classic Disney postcards, you can give your child a box of surprises all at once. If they happen to be a history buff, you child will also love looking through the old school postcard designs.
  6. Personalized Mickey Mouse ears. While it’s likely you bought your child a few pairs of Mickey Mouse ears over the years, have you ever given them a personalized pair with their name on it? You can have these made online or at a Disney theme park.

As your child ages, it can be difficult to find them the Disney gift of their dreams. But fear not, as there are hundreds of original gift ideas to make yourself or buy online. From Disney postcards, vinyl clocks, and Disney surprise boxes, you can find a gift that will have your child jumping for joy.


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